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Experts in business strategy, digital transformation, marketing and e-commerce

who is dimacom.NET stands for Digital marketing, transformation and e-commerce and is a management company founded in early 2020.

We support larger & mid-sized organisations that want to grow their business and/or drive digital transformation within their organisations. Businesses are often looking to combine both strategic insight with the related program & project management. That’s the sweet spot where we operate in.

We help you to grow, innovate or transform your business and respond to today’s or tomorrow’s challenges.

We assist you in setting up the right phygital or omnichannel approach.

We build future-proof customer strategies and help you to address your customer’s needs better.

Expertise & Experience is led by Thomas De Ganck, an accomplished, dynamic and resourceful digitalization & marketing management specialist with 17+ years of experience building strategies, setting up new business verticals, leading technology initiatives and creating innovative digital products. next to that he implemented at various occasions: CRM, web platforms and marketing strategies to deliver high growth potential. 

He has gathered expertise in various industries and sub-sectors, such as: marketing consultancy, utilities (B2X), software consultancy (B2B) and retail (B2C) and this at some renowned and major organisations. 

This experience was collected from within diverse operational, managerial as well as international roles in the following domains: digital & innovation, e-commerce, marketing and human resources.

Portfolio of projects

Throughout the years, we have worked on different transformation projects & programs, created new business concepts as well as introduced new marketing mechanics in various industries.

Next to that we’ve set up new channels, partnerships and have introduced new sales approaches… 

The projects were delivered successfully thanks to the efforts of great teams and their individual contributions as well as partners who went the extra mile to realize the objectives. 

For an overview of different projects, roles, realizations as well as achievements, please consult our LinkedIn profile.

Soon a portfolio and projects page will be added tot this site

Business growth successfully delivered at the following companies

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